One of the directions of our activity is the international transportation of consolidated cargoes.
The difference between the general cargo transportation and the general cargo is that the car is filled with cargo from several customers, and not from one. The advantages for the customer of such a system of consolidation of cargoes, first of all, in saving, both money and time.

The presence of a convenient location of our consolidated customs warehouse allows us to quickly deliver your goods to the countries of the EAEC.

Our customs warehouse services include:

  • Delivery of cargo to our warehouse or cargo pick-up.
  • A complete list of warehouse services (unloading, loading, picking, storage).
  • Packing and marking
  • Execution of necessary documents
  • Insurance of goods (under contract with European insurance companies)
  • Registration of transport documents (CMR, Carnet-TIR, etc.)
  • Full list of warehouse services (unloading, loading, picking, storage)
  • Express delivery of assorted goods from Europe.

During the whole time the cargo is on the road, our qualified personnel carries out constant monitoring of the progress of the consolidated cargo, and at any time you can get information about its status. After passing the customs clearance, the cargo is sent further to the client to any point of the EAES.
A flexible system for calculating the cost of services for the delivery of consolidated cargo allows us to achieve optimal price solutions for each customer.

Do not delay. If you delay, you will not achieve the goal.
He who waits can not succeed. (Sri Chinmoy)