Customs services include a number of activities aimed at documenting, delivering and transporting goods from one state to another, escorting cargo, various kinds of advice, warehousing services, and so on. Import registration is a complex task, requiring knowledge of many subtleties. Interaction with customs authorities has a specific nature, therefore, not every company provides customs services.

 The customs warehouse makes storage and registration of customs transit of goods, of any complexity without restriction on the category of goods, including goods under the control of veterinary and quarantine services. The customs warehouse has bank guarantees registered in the customs as security for the payment of customs payments for the carriage of goods under the procedure of customs transit. The client does not need to provide for both depositing a deposit on the account of the customs authority and using the services of customs carriers. Long-term experience in the field of transportation allows us to provide a full range of customs clearance services:

  • Working out of the goods on commodity positions of the Customs Union.
  • Preparation of a set of documents for transit registration.
  • Presentation of cargo to border control services.
  • Calculation and opening of customs clearance as a measure to ensure the payment of customs payments for the carriage of goods under the procedure of customs transit.
  • Provision of transport for transportation under the procedure of customs transit.
  • Customs clearance of goods of any complexity in the shortest possible time.
  • Consulting and recommendations, as well as assistance in the preparation of accompanying documents.
  • Legal support.

We will arrange all transport and accompanying documents for the import of goods into the territory of the EEC, we can easily cope with the most extraordinary tasks, because they are well informed in the legislation.

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